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FranchICE 411

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FranchICE Overview

The future growth of Shave It Nation  will be based upon corporate development as well as the continued sale of franchICES and large area development agreements. Shave It guides and supports franchICEES in developing their businesses from the intensive two-week training program through to securing premises, designing the restaurant interior, ordering equipment, launching the business and supporting them in the field. The base is set, the recipes are in place and the future is looking as hot as ice, thanks to a growing presence and interest via consumers and partners.

Financial Investment level: It costs around $170k - $365k to set up , equip, and construct a Shave It sweet spot. Of this a franchICEE needs around $70,000 liquid capital. Shave It will offer advice and assistance to potential applicants seeking bank financing. What you get: The 'Break the Ice' package that the company is now promoting normally includes everything to get a store built and running. The company will help handle all the building and project management and will be responsible for sourcing suitable, profitable locations.

Shave It has an investment plan to grow from its current store in Thousand Oaks to more than 300 by 2012. The route to rapid expansion and success looks clear for Shave It Nation! Shave It also promises to beef up its company store presence to raise brand awareness and trial new systems. With two future corporate-held operations being added in Los Angeles areas, this acts as a clear indication of the investment that is now being put into the business. As promised to future franchICE partners, Shave It will support their operations and fuel the continued growth by investing in more of their own stores.

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