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7 Steps of Highly Effective FranchICEES

  1. The success of Shave It is dependant on the success of our franchICEES. With many qualified enthusiastic offers we cannot rush the awarding of franchICES and must be sure you are qualified. This process will take roughly two weeks. After review of your financials, a Shave It development team manager will contact you to arrange a meeting where your business plan will be reviewed and your objectives discussed. Assuming everything is in order, a Shave It franchICE will be offered to you and you will be only months away from operating your own S.I.N. store!

    1. Submit your application.

    2. A Shave It development team member will contact you within seven days.

    3. The Shave It Nation Uniform FranchICING Offering Circular (UFOC) will be sent to you after a background check is confirmed.

    4. Your financials and business plan are submitted and reviewed.

  2. Secure Financing - Shave It will refer you to many lenders who specialize in small business and even SBA loans. The choice is yours who you secure credit with, but at least Shave It will get you on the right path.

  3. Find the Perfect Location - Shave It works with a very competent and knowledgeable real estate team that can help you secure that perfect spot. They will come see you, discuss areas and goals, and show you many possibilities. This process may take two months or longer; it cannot be rushed. Everyone is anxious to open a store, but jumping at the wrong location is not the right way to launch your new business. If you have completed your application and would like information on location criteria, please inform one of our team members and they will gladly assist you.

  4. Signing A Lease - The Shave It real estate crew is savvy and experienced, and will assist in all aspects of your lease negotiation. We will also assist in location of attorneys for both formation of partnerships or corporations, as well as lease review. This process will typically take four to six weeks. After your lease is finalized but prior to signing, S.I.N. lawyers will review the terms. Our attorneys are experienced and will protect your interests before anything is signed.

  5. Build Out Begins - After lease signing, the excitement really starts. You will be supplied with detailed construction plans that will include all equipment needs. A Shave It construction liaison will assist in location and approval of your contractor and architect, and we will even supply you with names of qualified professionals if needed. This friendly and accessible liaison will assist you in all aspects of your build-out and will answer any questions or concerns you have throughout. This process should take no more than three months.

  6. U.S.I.N. - Our training facility is located in beautiful Westlake Village, California only 10 minutes from the original Shave It store. Your comprehensive two week training session begins soon after your store build-out starts and will cover all elements of operating your own store (and mobile ice unit). Upon graduation, you will be equipped to operate, market and manage your own S.I.N. franchICE.

  7. Build-Out Nears Completion - As your store nears completion, grand opening plans will be made. Final construction checks will be necessary and your S.I.N. construction liaison will guide you through to the end. Staffing will need to be addressed, initial marketing campaigns, and short and long term goals moved from theory to reality. Your store will go through many exercises to insure you are ready for opening. This process should take no more than four weeks.

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