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Ice Life

A picture of Lisa and Karen before the store opening

Birth of a Shave It

Karen Bain and Lisa Kudirka, with a half-dozen kids between them and a shared passion for shave ice, decided to make shave ice hip and trendy. They started small at school fundraisers where their creations were such an overwhelming hit, that it encouraged them to "jump in" and "Go Big or Go Home".

Soon thereafter, the first Shave It store was launched in Southern California. Shave It was an immediate hit with lines out the door that continue to this day. "Going Big" not only meant launching one new concept, it meant two. The Shave It Mobile Ice Van debuted six months later, giving them the unique ability to drive to their customers.

Next on the list came the creation of a charitable foundation, Foster a Miracle, a never-ending fundraising network that grants wishes to foster children with Shave It store revenue. Somehow knowing that a small portion of your Shave It will go to Foster a Miracle makes that Shave It melt your heart, while it melts in your mouth.

Today Shave It is taking it to the next level...Franchising. The Shave It concept is on fire!

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