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Ice Life

four people with their legs sticking out of the snow

Underground Combos

Some of our most talked-about combos are not even on the menu. Here are some of our local favorites.

Afternoon Delight
Strawberry, melon, guava with coconut ice cream
Green apple w/ cinnamon ice cream topped with caramel
Banana Cream Pie
Frosted ban w/ van ice cream
Grand Slam
Cotton candy and bubble gum with bubble gum ice cream
Chocolate Berry Blast
Raspberry with chocolate ice cream
Endless Summer
Mango, passion fruit, orange with macadamia ice cream
Harmony and Balance
Green tea and energy mixed w/ rainbow sherbet
Luau on Ice
Pineapple, coco, guava w/ coco ice cream
Kiwi and org
One Love
Cherry, lemon, lime
Strawberry Sunrise
Banana-orange, straw (in that order...looks like sunrise) w/ van ice cream
Passion fruit and orange with coconut ice cream
Sponge Bob Snow Pants
Pineapple and orange with coconut ice cream
Epic Set
Green tea lemon
Flyin Hawaiian
Macadamia nut –passion fruit-lychee
Jamaican Me Crazy
Cherry- pineapple- lime van ice cream
Da Bomb
Coconut and cherry with chocolate ice cream

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